Becoming a KnockerBall® Affiliate vs. Starting a Stand-Alone Business

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Becoming a KnockerBall® Affiliate vs. Starting a Stand-Alone Business

Making an investment in a business means taking charge of your career and income. Many people think about doing it but hesitate to make the move. Major life decisions are always complex. Any investment has the potential for great reward but also carries a significant amount of risk for you.

You have a lot of options to choose from in considering potential entrepreneurial ventures. How do you decide whether you should start your own stand-alone business or invest in becoming a KnockerBall® affiliate? While both opportunities involve various amounts and types of risk for you, they also hold the potential for individual benefits as well. Which way should you go?

Up-Front Cost

One of the major differences between starting a KnockerBall® business and a stand-alone startup is the cost involved in starting up or buying and the continued fees associated with maintaining the business. The average initial cost of starting your own stand-alone business can seem to be significantly less expensive than KnockerBall®. This is because the cost to start a stand-alone business doesn’t include everything offered to you by KnockerBall®.  

Although the initial cost for KnockerBall® might be higher than starting a new stand-alone business, there is also a greatly reduced risk of failure with KnockerBall®. Any initial difference in cost will lessen over time as more of your money will go into a new stand-alone business during the first few years of its existence while you are trying to build a customer base and increase brand recognition. Marketing and building up a stand-alone business will require a lot more time, energy and money than with KnockerBall®.

Starting a Stand-Alone Business

Opening your own stand-alone business offers you the freedom to make all the decisions about your company. If you aren’t worried by the risk of failure, this could be an option for you. You will be completely on your own. There is no roadmap to your success. There can be large rewards when you decide to in this direction but it usually takes much longer to reap the benefits of being profitable.

You may have to commit yourself to working well over 40 hours a week. This is because you will have no support and experience to help you. These factors can also result in costly mistakes that significantly cut down your profits. Even if you might not have paid as much up front for your new business as you would with KnockerBall®, there are many expenses that will need to be taken care of during the first few years after the business has opened that arise, sometimes by surprise. Whether you decide to go with KnockerBall® or a new stand-alone business you will have both negative and positive factors that come along with each. At the end you must ask yourself what you are willing to risk and what you would like to gain from your investment.

Becoming a KnockerBall® Affiliate

There are many benefits that come with being a KnockerBall® affiliate. We offer you a website and a blueprint for success based on many owners’ experiences.

One of the chief benefits of being a KnockerBall® affiliate is the instant customer base that you will gain because of the familiarity tied to the KnockerBall® brand. This is something that can take several years to achieve with a new stand-alone business. You will also have access to KnockerBall® training that will help you to increase your income.

KnockerBall® gives you the confidence that you need to succeed. KnockerBall® staff is available to help you and it’s marketing budget is used to support the brand. If you compare the cost of starting a KnockerBall® business you will find it is lower than other franchise offers.

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