Bubble Soccer

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Knockerball Bubble Soccer

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Knockerball bubble soccer has taken the world by storm due to it’s innovative and ultra-fun approach to a traditional sport. Everyone that sees a Knockerball wants to get in the ball, so naturally people cannot stop talking about this game that is sweeping the nation. 

The idea is simple: players get inside of an inflatable Knockerball that acts as a protective barrier, similarly to a human hamster ball, and play soccer (or any game) with their  head and upper body safely covered. Unlike a human hamster ball,  however, the player’s legs are free in a Knockerball, which allows them to run, jump and flip while being fully immersed in a spherical shield from the thighs up- and that’s when the fun begins!

Soccer can be turned into a combat sport, obstacle courses can be optimized, football practice just got safer – as long as they’re playing by the rules, players are only limited by their imaginations! Plus, anyone can play in a Knockerball- they come in 4 sizes so every age and every size can join in onthe fun!

How do you play bubble soccer? Easy, the  rules are just like regular soccer- you get some friends, pick teams, and under the supervision of a licensed Affiliate, you see who can score the most goals!

Knockerball is great for all occasions and easier to set up than any bounce house out there. Inflation takes less than one minute and it can be played anywhere there is flat grass or indoor space. You can find people playing Knockerball bubble soccer and other Knockerball games at birthday parties, corporate events, local fairs, church functions, bachelor parties, camp outings, or just because they want to have some fun. 


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Where can I play? Click on our Where To Play Map to access hundreds of locations nation-wide and find a licensed, insured, and trained Affiliate near you.

Dreaming of starting your own business? We’ve got you covered. Our business packagescome with everything you need: equipment,  training, a custom built website, leads, marketing materials,  support, and much more. We provide a turnkey business opportunity and the tools necessary for success to any established or aspiring entrepreneur looking to do something they love while working towards personal and financial freedom. Contact a Start-up Specialist today to learn more.

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