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Learn about KnockerBall

Frequently Asked Questions

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Knockerball® is a single-chamber inflatable plastic bubble with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. Players get in the “donut-hole” part of the ball head-first, secure the straps (like a backpack) and hold on to the inside handles for stability and control.  Once inside, the Knockerball® acts as a protective barrier with the player’s head and entire upper-body safely surrounded by the impenetrable bubble. What makes a knockerball truly special, however, is that unlike a human hamster ball, the player’s legs are free, which allows them to run, jump, kick and flip while being fully enveloped in a spherical shield from the thighs up – and that’s when the fun begins!

Warning: Two or more will make you laugh until you’re sore.


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What colors are Knockerballs available in?
What does Knockerball USA sell?
Can I start my own Knockerball® business and how do I get started?
How do you play with Knockerballs?
How can I get a Knockerball?
How long does it take to get ready to play?
What are Knockerballs made of?
What’s the difference between PVC and TPU?
When are you open?
Do you have videos?
What sizes do the Knockerballs come in?
What is my Knockerball made of and why is it so expensive?
How much does the KnockerBall® weigh when inflated?

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How to reduce injury risk
How do I inflate and use Knockerball?
How to repair bubbleballs?
Where can Knockerballs be used?
Who can use Knockerballs?
Is there an age limit?
Is there a weight limit?
Is there a height limit?
Can I get hurt using Knockerballs?
How durable are bubbleballs?
How do I clean and store Knockerball?
Where should I store my KNOCKERBALL® when not in use?
Can I play with any pre-existing injuries?
Can I use my Knockerball® in cold weather?

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How much does it cost to buy a Knockerball?
Can I customize my Knockerballs?
Is there special pricing for bulk or large orders purchases?
What is your refund policy?
Is there any warranty on the Knockerballs?
How long does it take for the Knockerballs take to ship?
What equipment is required to play Knockerball or bubble soccer?
Do you offer discounts for students or other groups?

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Where can I rent / lease Knockerballs to play?
How much does it cost to rent Knockerballs?
What does my Knockerball rental include?
What rental / leasing packages do you offer?
Can I lease for more than one day?
Is there a security deposit?
What if there is rain or inclement weather?
What happens if a ball is stolen or damaged during my lease?
What is the rental / lease cancellation policy?
Are BubbleBall products insured?
Do I need to clean the bubbleballs before I return them?
Do you offer student or group discounts?
Where are you located?

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How can I partner with Knockerball USA?
How much does it cost to partner with Knockerball USA ?
What will be my responsibilities as a Knockerball partner/licensed operator?

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How do I start a Knockerball league?
How do I join a BubbleBall league?
Where can I find a Knockerball league near me?
How much does it cost to join a league?
How many games are in a league season?
When do Knockerball leagues run?
Do I need my own Knockerball to play in the league?

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Where to play

Rent Now

Buy a Ball

Shop Now

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