Is bubble soccer safe?

Of course! You are encompassed in a giant air pocket. However, accidents can happen and it is important when using a bubble soccer ball you make sure to inspect it for quality because there are many knockoff products out there. Some things to look for, bad: hard handles, thin shoulder straps that are hard to adjust, discoloration, poor plastic with patches. Knockerballs have some adjusted safety features to ensure players are safe and have fun, such as; soft handles dropped down from eye level, thick shoulder straps with a no-slip buckle which is easy to adjust and removable for cleaning, extra head clearance to ensure the participants head and neck are safely padded, highest quality plastic and each Knockerball is custom made to ensure longevity and goes through a QA process of 48 hours inflation before being shipped to its home! You can find statistics on injury of activities here –


Is Bubble Soccer Safe

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