KnockerBall® Corporate/League Start-Ups

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Corporate/League Start-Ups

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We have received an incredible response  from businesses throughout the country that wish to expand their services by adding Knockerball® to their line-up. Whether you are an independent business owner, inspiring entrepreneur, college/university, club, military base, church, or camp we are here to serve and educate you on all of our product and package offerings as well as developments as they relate to this growing sport. Knockerball®  is and will continue to be a supplier of innovative and quality products, excellent support, and trusted leadership. You can rest-assured knowing that your equipment is  warrantied and that our Corporate Account Representatives right here in the US will always be there to answer your questions, expedite new orders, address requests and ensure that you are always provided with updates and all the resources needed to make your venture successful.

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Knockerball® is not a network of leagues, our focus is to provide quality product, innovative ideas, proprietary marketing resources, and unparalleled support through multiple media channels to ensure brand awareness and ultimately your success. Before you purchase from an obscure or “cheaper” company on the web claiming to have “bubble soccer” balls, please ensure that you know the location of their operation, what the warranty is, if the product has been tested for durability, what their testing protocols are (if they have them), if they are insured, the safety procedurs they have in place (if any), and what materials they are using. There are many “knock-off” brands with products  with questionable products. Several of these types of companies have sprung up due to our advertising campaigns over the years, however, we are not assocated with them and cannot vouch for their legitmacy and the safety of their products.

It is our goal to help you as well as this industry succeed and to create and a long-term partnership. We have over 75 years of combined product development, international business partners in over 30 countries, are the originator of the bubble soccer ball, and every unit sold is inspected by a Knockerball® employee both in China as well as the USA. All product imported meet individual state code and we always ensure that our suppliers provide and utilize only virgin material to manufacture our products. All suppliers meet required labor laws and maintain U.S. Certification for importation.

Start a KnockerBall Business

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