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“Knockerball® was the perfect game for my summer football camp. Competitive, entertaining, and unique. Both the kids and the coaches could not get enough of it. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a group activity with a lot of laughs. As exciting as it is to play, it is just as compelling to watch! The only question now is: How many do I order for next year?!” -Kirk Cousins, Redskins NFL Quarterback 7/15/15
“Knockerballs® have been amazing for our program and our students. Our first use generated a huge audience taking pictures and videos. One post on our Facebook page with a short video reached over 19,000 people and received nearly 8,000 views. The company also has great people to work with and have helped us with every need we have had. Some quotes from our players: “A lot of fun!” “Freakin’ Awesome!” “Everyone needs to play!” “Greatest thing to come to CWU!” – Jordan Stinglen, Intramural Coordinator, Central Washington University
“I received my Knockerballs® and I can tell you from experience with another company’s product, Knockerballs® are very high in quality and better than any other I have purchased. Very solid, comfortable and all around the best I have found!” – Reginald White, Knockerball® CT
“Knockerball® has been an absolute pleasure to work with, they are a very generous and helpful company. The sport of Knockerball® gives everybody who plays it the opportunity to feel like a little kid again!! We can’t thank you guys enough for giving us all this immense pleasure and EXCELLENT WORKOUT that nobody can seem to get enough of!” –Brian Kirkley, Deputy, Lyon County Juvenile Probation
“The Knockerballs® arrived faster than I expected and the quality was great. Not only are Knockerballs® a blast to play with, but I was really impressed with the company’s customer service. They really stand behind their product!” -Justin Hazzard, Hazzard Industries
“Thank you to everyone at Knockerball®. We had a great time the day after Christmas when we rented out the local gym to bounce ourselves off each other for a few hours. The kids can’t wait until the weather is good enough to take them outside and go crazy!” – Bonnie Cawley
“With a desire to make Christmas for my grandkids as well as my grown kids, I searched for something unique and something that would knock them off their feet. I found the perfect gift when I found KnockerBall.com! Each one (9 in all) got their own Knockerball® and I enjoyed watching them get knocked off their feet literally! It was a wonderful Christmas that held a BIG surprise! Customer Service was second to none of any other website I’ve purchased from recently. Even with a weather-related delay, they kept me informed every step of the way util I let them know I had received the 9 Knockerballs® on Tuesday, 12/23.” – Beverly Spencer, TX
“The folks at Knockerball® are great! I received ours in time for Christmas as they were gifts. Christmas Day we had kids from 19 to 70(Grandpa) in them. Lots of fun and a great work out. Thanks Knockerball®!” – Keith Wright; Swainsboro, GA
“I want to say a big thank you to KNOCKERBALL®. Your customer service team are winners! You made the ordering process very easy. It was a pleasure to work with you. I even received a personal call from the president of the company. John, you couldn’t have been more personable and knowledgeable. Thanks. That gave me the confidence to order 10 Knockerballs on the spot. Every email and phone call I had with questions or requests, before, during and after delivery were addressed. Most important, Knockerball® kept every promise on affordable cost and quick delivery. I’m so glad our church youth group ordered from you! Thank you!” – Pastor Mike Mills, NorthRidge Church
“Knockerball® USA has been great to work with. They helped us get our business up and running very quickly. They outfitted Bubble Bashers with 16 high quality Knockerballs and Knockerball® photo and video assets to set up our website. Our experience with them has been nothing but positive from the start. And when the local news picked up a segment on Bubble Bashers, Knockerball® helped us again by promoting the link on their Facebook page. Total pros at Knockerball®, can’t thank them enough.” -Rich Potter Owner of Bubble Bashers
“Knockerball® has been a pleasure to work with. My Knockerballs® have arrived and our wrapped and under the Christmas tree. I can’t wait to see my grandson when they open them. Again, thank you for your help!” – Wilma Beasley (a happy Yaya and a satisfied customer)
“I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I truly appreciate your staff. I ordered some Knockerballs® a few weeks ago with the intention of starting a side business because of how much fun I believed these would be. Well once I created my website, popularity immediately grew and rentals were getting booked before the balls arrived or my insurance was in place. Well this enthusiasm made me want to see if we could have my order rushed and once I called your staff immediately looked at doing everything possible to help me get the order expedited and taken care of and were straight to the point in all information including arrival, delivery and shipment…..it was a breath of fresh air. Anyway, that being said I also would like to say thank you for your support with my venture because being helped by a Company with your type of customer service makes me proud to be affiliated with you and allows me to be the best we can be as well. The quality product that you supply is honestly second to none and is standing the test of the abuse our rentals are putting it through. So in closing I would like to say thank you again John & Knockerball® from myself and the staff here at Knockerball® Phoenix…may we continue to have fun on the road ahead.” Ryan Korver Knockerball® Phoenix
“Knockerball® USA, LP has been terrific to work with: responsive, helpful and very knowledgeable. I just bought my inventory for my business from them. The equipment arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. I looked around for a long time to find my supplier and am really happy I ordered from Knockerball® USA, LP!” -Maureen Moons
“It has been such pleasure working with with Knockerball®. They’ve been incredibly helpful from the initial questions, to the purchase and delivery, and now beyond with all their help in establishing a business foundation. Their customer service and relations is top notch and pleasant. The quality of product that I received is better than advertised and I get to enjoy the fun that is Knockerball® without a single concern. It’s like being ensconced in a cocoon of safety!” – Josh, Sock’em Soccer, Las Vegas
“Knockerball® is unlike any other sport, it’s high energy and a lot of fun! The best thing about it is how protected you are: you can get knocked down, flipped upside down, and you won’t feel a thing!” – Eric Heller
“Playing Knockerball® was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. I felt fearless and free, like I could do anything!” – Nicole Fischer
“Knockerball® was so much fun and something I never experienced before. I was able to run, jump and roll freely all around! I can’t wait to play again and I’m buying them for all my friends and family!” – Katie P.
“Knockerball® is so much fun! I was knocked around and flipped upside down and never felt any of it! It really made me feel like a kid again.” – Kyle B.
“My order was misplaced as the ordering headquarters moved locations. Once I called the people at Knockerball® they went right to work. I actually got an email on Thanksgiving day at 12:30 telling me my order was shipped. Awesome!! To me, that is going above and beyond for a customer!! I am so excited to have my Knockerballs® and start my new business. I am glad I chose a company who it and its employees are willing to help out when needed. I am excited in growing a great business and look forward to working with Knockerball® and all of their awesome employees.” – Derek Brown
“Our boys received 4 Knockerballs® for Christmas this past year and we have ALL had a blast with them. Whether we are knocking into each other, playing “knocker soccer”, or watching from the sidelines we are enjoying active time together with family (and now friends as two more families have ordered 2 more each)! We are talking about forming a Knocker Soccer game day! It’s fun, but it’s also a great workout!” – Michelle Anderton, Tennessee
“I purchased two Knockerballs® after one of my 18 year old twin sons told me it was the only thing he wanted for Christmas. Curious, I googled Knockerball® and found the website. After watching the video promotion, and laughing so hard, I knew I HAD to find a way to get these for my sons. I received the two Knockerballs® just in time for Christmas. We inflated them and the whole family went to our church gymnasium to try them out. I can honestly say this is one of the most fun things we have ever done as a family. You cannot do this or watch it without laughing uncontrollably. They are very fun and easy to learn to use. The quality of the product is excellent. The Knockerballs® were a hit with the whole family. After trying them out with our immediate family, the next day the whole family came out. Aunt’s, Uncle’s, Cousins, Grandparents. We all had a blast rolling all over and knocking each other over. Our youth group will be having a Knockerball® event soon and several other’s have inquired where I purchased these as they want one too. It was well worth the investment and I’m sure we will continue to make memories with these huge inflatable balls. I’m pretty sure my twins will never forget Christmas 2014 and the fun we have had with their gifts. Are you thinking about buying a couple? Think no more…just do it…you won’t regret.” – Tammy Massingill
“KNOCKERBALLS® have been the hit with our family of 6!!!! The product, the CUSTOMER SERVICE and the overall experience was worth every penny. We bought these as Christmas gifts for our kids and of course had to get one for us as well – what a blast. During the winter months we’ve just been renting a court at our local gym and to say the least we are the TALK of the town and everyone wants to play with us. We can’t wait till spring and summer to take these outside. Thanks so much for the terrific product and experience, we are definitely a satisfied customer!” – Stephanie, Kent & kids
“Working with Knockerball® has been a true pleasure. They are very quick to take care of any questions or concerns and genuinely care about the integrity of their product. I will continue to purchase our gear from them as I feel they are the best on the market! Thanks for everything thus far!” – Colin Mihm, MN 6/29/15
“We purchased Knockerballs® for our annual field day fund raiser. From the moment we blew them up to the moment we had to force them out of the kids hands, not one ball stood still. I have never seen such smiling, happy faces. Teachers and students a like “had a ball.” Great product from a great company! The team at Knockerball® USA knows how to treat their customers. They answered all my questions, helped through the ordering and shipping and followed up to see how things went. We will be ordering more balls this school year! Thank you Knockerball® USA!!!” – Libby Bludau Hallettsville High School 7/8/15
“I received my Knockerballs® just over a month ago here in Denver, CO. I was nervous about my first business venture & going ‘out on my own’. However, the support & knowledge provided by the KB. Staff has been nothing short of STELLAR. As a new, green business owner, I can say with certainty, that this group & this company has (& continues to) provided a platform that has been completely professional, supportive, encouraging, & most of all, honest. My guess is that this doesn’t come with most new business start ups, or at least not at this level. Keep up the great work, KB & KNOCK ON!” – Josh Gurvitch; Denver, CO 9/15/15
“Dear KB USA, I wanted to let you know how well the business has been doing. We are up to booking 2-5 parties a week. I truly believe this is due to the marketing efforts of both KnockerBall® corporate and KnockerBall® Birmingham. But the big push has been the national marketing KnockerBall® corporate has done. It has been a great investment and with your help from the start it has put us in a position to succeed. So I wanted to thank you and KnockerBall® Corporate for the help and support from the start” – Robert Mathews, KnockerBall® Birmingham
“I’ve been an affiliate of KnockerBall® for 9 months and have found the opportunity to own my own business with minimal investment a fantastic opportunity. With the support of the staff and fellow affiliates, it’s the place to be if you want a great product and great support system. The sky is the limit with KnockerBall®. You can make this business as small or big as you’d like. I’m proof of that.” – Jennifer Little, KnockerBall®West STL
“KnockerBall®has been a blessing for me, I have been looking for a way to give back to my community and I have done just that with the help of KB. Although I still work for someone else, I know that if I wanted to I could do KB full time and make a nice living. My KB business has opened many doors and the fulfillment that comes from owning a business this unbelievably successful is amazing. I recommend KB to anyone looking for a new, fun, and exciting sport!” – Ryan Combs, Owner – Fay Cron, Owner – Blake Tenney, Owner
“My KnockerBall® experience has been GREAT. This is my first time starting up my own business and KnockerBall® USA has made the whole process a lot easier with all their resources and team there to help along the way. KnockerBall® is a great product and the community is very friendly and helpful. I am truly excited for the future with this company!” – Mandi Solone, KnockerBall® Tampa Bay
“We have been honored to be part of such an amazing company of integrity and that has people having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES! Our business has exploded thanks to all the support. We have even been on Inside the NBA with Shaq and Charles Barkley and got to see Shaq, in the studio on TV, have a blast with the Knockerballs. We have many future ventures we are working on and looking forward to. Thanks again to John and everyone at KnockerBall®! ” – Courtney and Ed Pride, Knockerballatlanta.com
“My experience with KnockerBall® has been a great learning experience in entrepreneurship and ‘sweat equity’. As a side business, KnockerBall® has given me great opportunity to spend my weekends making extra money and building something that I alone am responsible for the success or failure. I’m glad to be involved with KnockerBall® and am proud to have brought KnockerBall® to my home of Chattanooga, TN.” – Dustin Graham, KnockerBall® Chattanooga
“Being a KnockerBall® affiliate for just about a year now, it’s very rewarding to be able to provide a fun and entertaining service for people of all ages that delivers ear-to-ear smiles and non-stop laughter from the minute the first person gets inside the ball until we pull the plugs to deflate them. Making money is the ultimate goal of any business, but to see kids and adults enjoy it so much at every event we do and continuously get amazing feedback from our clients is the true barometer of success and KnockerBall® delivers every single time.” – Mike Cannizzaro, KnockerBall® New Jersey
“As a KnockerBall® affiliate I will have to say I started out as a customer. My son decided he wanted a KnockerBall® Party for his 16th Birthday and it was the most enjoyable birthday that we can remember. I was so impressed with the participation as well as the spectator enjoyment as everyone seemed to have at his party. Parents were entertained and players were having the time of their life. I am now a proud Knockerball affiliate and I have the pleasure of taking part of a business where KnockerBall® brings laughter and fun to a whole new level. We at KnockerBall.CarteretOnslow brings the party to the individual or group and have the pleasure of bringing a Contact Sport to people everywhere that is second to none. Everytime KnockerBall® shows up, we leave a smile on everyone’s face. What other business can do that? KnockerBall® does! When KnockerBall® says Get In the Ball it is our way of saying you are about to have one of the best times of your life.” – Randall Harrell, KnockerBall® CarteretOnslow
“My experience with KnockerBall® has been good. The information I received when inquiring was very helpful with my decision. The staff is very helpful in such that they get back to me very quickly when I have problems or questions. All of the KnockerBall® affiliates are also helpful when I have questions or need help with something.” – Kaleb Esber, KnockerBall® Canton, OH
“KnockerBall® has truly been a ride full of great surprises. I recently graduated college and wanted to have something of my own. I studied my area for a couple of month and found nobody was operating anywhere close, so I decided this is what I wanted to do. I knew it was going to be a challenge to get people to try it out as most do not have a clue of what this is. However it has been the most fun job ever. Even though it does take a lot of work getting a new service to gain popularity, I have had a lot of fun with it making work a great hobby that gets me money. This truly is the most fun you will ever have, not only playing but working as well. I am glad of being part of this great family who offers extensive amounts of support, and I am sure we all contribute to each other’s success in one way or another.” – Ariel Pardo, Owner, BorderSmash KnockerBall®
“When my son wanted to play KnockerBall® for his 13th birthday we considered renting but there wasn’t anyone in our area who could help us. We decided to become an affiliate and buy several KnockerBall® and rent them out ourselves. It was a great decision! KnockerBall® provides an amazing product and running our rental business has given us the opportunity to take KnockerBall to some special places and meet some really great people. It’s easy to go to work every day when you have as much fun as we do with KnockerBall®!” – Stephanie, KnockerBall® Cincinnati & RiverCity KnockerBall®
“Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be part of the KnockerBall® family. This has been a great experience for me and my business so far. The product sells itself. All events that I have done so far, people has been satisfied with the product and service.” – Hector Patino, KnockerBall® Fort Lauderdale
“I Love that KnockerBall® is different. Whether you are playing or being just a casual observer, KnockerBall® will keep you laughing and provide you with lifelong memories of something you did with the whole crew…” – Antuan Barnes, KnockerBall® Illiana
“Wow how do I begin? Well my girlfriend and I looked into KnockerBall® for literally a whole year. After seeing the commercials on ESPN, THE TODAY SHOW, THE NIGHT SHOW WITH JIMMY FALLON LIVE we were like, WHOA, we have to do this! This would be fun; getting into these balls and bringing something new and exciting to our youth in our area. Ryan Korver and his staff at KBNATION have been very helpful with helping us get our business off the ground and running. The biggest thing is the Support SYSTEM that KB NATION offers to its Affiliates. KBUSA always returns our calls or emails within 24 hrs, and we are looking forward to building with KBUSA and seeing what the future holds.” – #KBG/KnockerBall® Gadsden LLC
“Upon first seeing KnockerBall®’s hilarious commercial, I was reminded of when I first saw something like this overseas several years ago and how much fun it looked. After doing some research, I decided that this would be the best way to make the most out of my time and energy. Since I have started KnockerBall® New Mexico, I have been able to grow my business from a side gig to a full time career filled to the brim with laughter and fun. Everyone at KB USA are just absolutely phenomenal people, from Ryan, the first person I contacted, to Joey, Melissa, and Ms. Lea, who have helped me tremendously with any and all questions about the KnockerBalls®, and to each and every affiliate I have spoken to and become friends with. I feel privileged that I am able to be a part of this magnificent team that is so dedicated to this new and immensely entertaining sport and I look forward to many more years of working with KB USA and the great people I get to entertain on a daily basis that I feel blessed to be able to call my customers. THANK YOU KnockerBall® USA!!!.” Jeremy L. Richey – KnockerBall® New Mexico 8/4/16
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